Blaming others for our problems can be a real crutch; consequently, this can actually be the root cause of a lot of physical disorders. Confusion, being constantly overwhelmed, living in the future, along with blame and self pity, can be at the root to a lot of physical problems. Not to mention just how the self pity can darkened and cloud, a person’s view the world. Really, when we carry around a lot of negativity, how could we ever accomplish and reach our potential in life.

The quote from Peter Levine says it all “true heroism comes from having the courage to openly acknowledge one’s own experience, not from suppressing, denying or blaming others for the way we behave”. However, we can be conditioned to blame and make up excuses for our unacceptable behavior. Consequently, we can blame our parents, our bosses, our friends, our coworkers or the economy. However, if we truly want to be successful we have to take 100 % responsibility for everything in our life.

In fact, when we are not facing our problems, we can unknowingly, be stuck in a maladaptive pattern of thinking and living. A conflict is taking place in us and we are not resolving it. Being stuck in a maladaptive response pattern, doesn’t necessarily mean we have a disease, however, a dis-ease or a discomfort is taking place These symptoms can range from a mild uneasiness to downright depletion of all the strength and ambition in life. The point is, in a lot of cases we have to move to a place of fluidity. This means that perhaps it’s time to stop reminiscing with memories that are not very pleasant and re-examine, what these memories are doing to me today. Healing starts when we start forcing in the pleasant thoughts in life.

We can then start to commit ourselves to healing, sometimes we find out even more of the truth to our past. In reality, we don’t really need to know the concrete truth to heal. However, when we start forcing in the good, in time it can become a counter force to all the negative things that have happened in my life. In reality we are bridging the gap between heaven and hell. Heaven is an expansion of learning forgiving and starting over. Hell is a contraction into resentment, anger, self pity, blame and in some cases suicide. The more fluid we become, the less prevalent the negative is. In time the negative energy is broken up and released. When we go through this process we have renegotiated, our thinking process and healed.