What are the real consequences of telling the truth or not telling the truth? It’s hard to tell the truth, however, have we ever thought of how much energy it takes to keep a secret. In addition, the damage the pain and hurt, it causes us and our loved ones. By wasting our energy on dishonesty, we end up producing extra pain and frustration in our lives, this causes us to be overwhelmed and spiritually exhausted. People can continue to hang on to false notions about themselves even though they cause harm to themselves and others. In reality these ideas and beliefs are all that they know, however, in other cases there are power and control issues driving the dishonesty.

Truly believing and practicing honesty can cause us to actually become free and heal from the past. In my private practice people, when people finally get honest and come to grips with themselves, they always feel and look better. A person trapped in a dishonest life style looks sick, stressed out and depressed. It takes a lot of negative, energy to cover up and manipulate the truth.

When we become morally upright it’s like pulling a dagger out of a person’s heart. We become more spontaneous, and have a new lease on life. We now have more energy to pursue our dreams in life. This is possible since; energy in the honesty can now be released, in order for it, to be used, to focus on more success in our own life. “The truth will set us free”.