Today we live in a society where there is so much confusion over sexual values and behaviors. This whole topic of sexual values and morals in families can become really confusing at times, since nurturing in families consists of hugging, holding, cuddling, and massage. The research by Peter Levine a leading expert in trauma is startling, a large percentage of children are molested by older siblings and teenage babysitters, it is actually five times higher than parental incest. The average age a child is violated is 8.2 years old; this is a special time when children are very curious.

Unknowingly, parents can give there children conflicting messages and perhaps can even encourage children to do things they might not want to. For example, it wouldn’t be unusual for parents to teach there children to always be nice to people, or don’t hurt people’s feelings, don’t be rude, or if someone speaks to you, you  must answer them, making children think that they are responsible for taking care of other people, is another common mistake, don’t question authority and always obey the babysitter can also be taken out of context sometimes.  Consequently, many children experience the deep wound of sexual trauma which can be very confusing, especially if a perpetrator was someone the child was supposed to trust.

It’s really surprising how easily children can cave into adult’s requests. A child can think that they are mean, disobedient, or they are being disrespectful if they don’t go along with adults requests. Children must also be taught to say no to adults, especially to some people in authority. The main thing to remember about sexual violation is a person or child should seek professional help. Also it’s important for a child to know that a parent will believe them, if a crisis like this ever happens.