Robert Goulard Counselling Service employs various methods which make counselling available to people at an affordable rate. The standard rate is $110.00 per hour which can be paid for through a variety of insurance programs such as Green Sheild, EAP’s, and other private insurance companies. A significantly reduced rate for counselling is available to people who are actively participate in group therapy with Robert Goulard.

Group counselling, in addition to being very effective, makes counselling available to all people at a very affordable rate. Group counselling, however, can be very intense consequently, acceptance into group therapy sessions is not guaranteed. Individuals interested in group therapy will be assessed in order to ensure their suitability for this type of therapy. Group sessions are only $22.50 (HST included), plus, participation in groups will reduce the hourly counselling by almost 50%, making the hourly counselling rate only $65.00

In addition to the standard rates, the reduced rates and group therapy options, Robert Goulard Counselling Services also offers Narrative and Brief Counselling which is a type of counselling that can offer effective change very quickly, which in turn, reduces the over-all cost for therapy. Once again, this is very effective for some people but acceptance into this type of service is not guaranteed and people interested will be fully assessed in order to determine the suitability of this type of work.


The CAW recognizes the importance of wellness related activities such as counselling and has therefore made it possible for most Chrysler employees to receive my counselling services at no cost what-so-ever, to the employee. This arrangement can be made possible for other large companies as well. Ask your EAP representative to call my office.

Anyone whose EAP program is provided by ComPsych is also entitled to receive counselling services for free. Please call my office or ask your EAP representative to contact me.


Counselling and group services are covered by most Green Shield plans as well as some Blue Cross plans. I also offer counselling services to veterans which is covered by the TAPS (Treatment Access Processing System) program.