Recently, I have been reading a daily reading, from a book titled “Just for Today” by Jyabla Vanzant; the specific reading is for Thurs. May 17th. The message is very powerful, it’s too bad more people won’t allow themselves to stick with there basic instincts and just be themselves. Allowing our self, to be ourselves, can be risky at times; however there can be great rewards. For example, when we start soul searching we start to discover what my strengths are, what my limitations are, what makes me tick, what will make me crack, how much pressure I can take, or what happens when I reach a goal in life, these questions can only be answered when I dare to trust being myself

The opposite to trusting yourself would be to go along with things that you know are unethical and wrong, this would be allowing myself to go against my own morals and convictions. There is a price to pay. In my clinical experience there actions would produce some real negative consequences in a person’s life. For example, the feelings of constant chaos, confusion and disorder would create a turbulence that would never subside. Betraying your own morals is the worst kind of betrayal a person can ever experience. In some cases this would lead to alienation, self pity and can be the underlying reason some people fall into depression, anxiety, panic attacks and addiction. When making decisions don’t forget we have a conscious that will not allow us to get away with such things in life. Trusting and allowing ourselves to stand up for what we believe in empowers us and enhances our self worth.

The real fundamental truth to being ourselves lies in our basic human nature. For example, children are not afraid to make mistakes look foolish, fall and stumble, or worry about the future, they are not afraid to be themselves and have no problem standing up for what they believe in. Children grow and mature at an alarming rate. Similarly, if adults could just allow themselves, to be themselves they would naturally live their life the way we were meant to live it, and consequently, they would accomplish the things in life they were meant to accomplish.

Just for today let’s not be afraid to stand up for what we believe in and be our authentic self.