Stress can be caused by our inability to adapt to change. However, there is no way to avoid change in our lives. In reality we have to keep adjusting or re-aligning our lives to the ever changing events in our lives. For example, a death of a loved one, divorce, or any other traumatic event can cause extreme stress in a person’s life. Misunderstandings, hurt feelings and hidden resentments are also an inevitable part of life. It’s how we deal with the stress that is important. There is no perfection in life. All there really is, is a process of being attuned to our situation in life, to misattunement, learning to negotiate a relational breach, or traumatic event, to reattunement, learning, and growing from an experience, consequently, trusting again.

Working through stress and repairing breaches of trust, is a form of re-negotiating with myself and how I interact with my environment. When a person works on stress in their lives the effort produces an expansion of knowledge, consequently, it also builds resilience and fosters empowerment. This re-attunes or re-aligns a person’s understanding to the stressful event. This is reminiscent of the earliest attunement between mother and child. I’ll leave the last part for my next blog. LOL. !