One of the biggest obstacles to communication and knowing our true feelings is role confusion stress and work holism. If we can’t seem to get it together, it may be that we have given too much of ourselves away to our jobs. The job or profession becomes our identity as to who we are and what we stand for. It may be that we have compromised, over compensated, given in over so much of yourself that you know longer know were all the pieces fit together anymore. In the process we can be physically and emotionally detached from our families.

This detachment starts by getting stuck in a particular role at work; we can then run the danger of feeding a chronic addiction to work. The stress of success, the power and control, the attention, and respect some people get in there professional life can be intoxicating and addicting. Unfortunately this work addiction usually results in the erosion of the quality of family life. The work addiction causes us not to know much about our family members or what they are feeling or what is going on with them on a daily basis. Before we know it we have lost the ability to be there for the people that we love the most in our lives. It can be very hard to make the transition from authority, to one’s position as father, or mother, or any other position that we supposed to be just be a regular person. When a divorce happens or our children don’t want nothing to do with us any more, the professional gains we have made at work aren’t really worth it.

One sure way of making sense to yourself in order to get yourself back in balance is to discuss your situation with others in order for you to see new options you may have not thought of before or perhaps even have thought to be unthinkable. Sometimes ideas are unthinkable only because our mind is so attached to one way of thinking and we have become unconscious to the various roles we are playing and there effects on our lives. We can become very strongly attached to one point of view that blinds us to seeing the full extent of what is actually happening in our lives. When we have a very narrow point of view we create ruts that prevent us from growing. When we start discussing our situation with others we can become devoted to reclaiming all the pieces of my life that are the most important, our family. Letting other people into our lives is essential in order for us to have balance in our life.