I just wanted to thank you for the way you have changed my life. I couldn’t be happier right now and when I came in to meet you it was the lowest point of my life. I was angry depressed, blaming the world for my problems and had my son taken away from me. Through you I realized that the drugs were the least of my problems. You challenged me to see that I was the problem and needed to change my outlook and behaviour. I am happy to tell you that I am nearly 2 years clean and have recently received full custody of my son as a single father. Thank you for your patience and honesty and I wish you luck with your future.

Vince B, Thank You

Robert Goulard has played a major part in my sobriety. His overall experience as a man, husband and recovering alcoholic made it easy for me to relate with him. Through this foundation he helped me lay my own foundation to become a good husband and father, the way my family deserves, while maintaining my sobriety. And for that I am truly thankful.

Brandon M, Grateful

I have found working with Robert has been a life changing choice for me, his guidance and support has been the key to an incredible turnaround in my life.

Mark F, Very Happy

Rob is a true professional who is very committed to helping others. He is able to apply his expertise to address a wide variety of issues.

Joe F., Incredible

I know Rob to be very direct and well spoken about is current profession. He knows all too well the troubles people can have and can help.

Tom L., Very Caring

Rob is a very caring counsellor who listens and is always ready to help people.

Gil V., Excellent Stuff

Rob’s a great counsellor, I’ve known him for 9 years and he’s helped me tremendously. He’s dedicated to helping people

Beata, Great Counsellor

Rob is a true professional who is very committed to helping others. He is able to apply his expertise to address a wide variety of issues.

Joe F., Incredible

Robert has personal life experiences which are vital in helping troubled people today. He see’s through you, tells you what you NEED to hear.

Francis Z., Very good soul

Rob is a great marriage counsellor that is not responding to you from a book but from the life he is living. I have seen other coucellers in the past, but Rob is the first one that has given me real life tools to work with. D.G.

Mike D., Great marriage counsellor

I started counselling with Robert Goulard last year individually and with my husband as a couple. Through Robert’s ability to connect with people, understand personalities and the needs of the people he serves, I have gained insight and skills to navigate the past and the present. With Robert’s help, I have been able to focus on strengthening my relationship with my husband. My husband was willing to talk to Robert and gained valuable insight into his own communication skills. Robert goes above and beyond with his group sessions and an app which is for men and/or women to support each other. Robert emphasizes that social connections make us stronger. Robert, the men’s and women’s group sessions and the app are all valuable resources for those who need support and guidance in their lives.

Anonymous, Above & Beyond

My wife and I have been counselling with Rob. I have been with Rob for over one and half year’s trying to save my marriage breakdown. Through Rob’s counselling and guidance I was able to acquire the knowledge and tools needed to rebuild and maintain a happy and progressive relationship with my wife. – RM

RM, Marriage Counsellor

I have been seeing Rob for a couple of weeks now, in a couple of meetings we have had he has made realize that only I can make changes. His words and outlook on life are amazing. My outlook for the future with him and his groups look promising. I look forward to our meetings. – RR

RR, Great outcome